Our challenges are global, not just a NZ govt. problem I Anna Campbell, Zestt Wellness & AbacusBio

Brave leadership has been a fabric of our primary sector for the past century and now is a time to continue that attitude in the face of what many think is just a New Zealand government challenge when our farming cousins around the world are facing the same challenges.

Science entrepreneur and agri-business commentator, Anna Campbell, is walking the talk transitioning from AbacusBio, a highly respected science, and technology firm operating from offices in Dunedin and Rotorua New Zealand, and Edinburgh, United Kingdom, to co-founding natural health business, Zestt Wellness, to support immunity and improve lung health. 


As this week's Sarah's Country Sisters, Anna and Sarah discuss:

- Her opinion's on New Zealand food & fibre's science commercialization moving to private equity and offshore capital markets.

- Her empathy attending the last farmer protest with her farming mum and her son of agriculturalists turned off a career in the sector along with the international animal scientists saying they feel they will be the last generation, the pressures on the livestock industry is a global challenge.

- The opportunities for New Zealand's natural health products from plants are being hindered by our antiquated regulation and international scientific collaboration. 

- Her advice on women leadership in the sector by men leading that change by opening doors and taking women seriously, as well as women deepening their networks with other women.

Thanks to our mates at Farmlands Co-Operative for partnering with Sarah's Country this season.

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