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Rested & rearing to go!

It's time to swing back into Sarah's Country after a

much-needed, year-long rest to recalibrate my energy and passion. Oh, and get married, build a house, and grow my business!


I started Sarah's Country in 2020 with a desire to walk alongside farmers and growers with an open heart and an open mind. That mission has never waivered and in Season 4 we continue to keep an eye on the future with a practical dose of current reality!

I'm pretty excited about shifting the script on the stories we tell ourselves and realise my generation's time to shine.

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Growing your farming destiny


When your world feels like farming & growing food for the future is just getting a bit too hard, listen to our panel's discussion on what excites them about New Zealand's future.

Sarah Perriam-Lampp recently hosted six guests at the Lakeside Memorial Hall at Leeston, Canterbury for a dinner event sponsored by ESAI to discuss how we can grow our farming destiny in the context of what we can control and the opportunities before us.

No upcoming events at the moment


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Growing food and fibre is an exciting but complex world to be in.

Sarah's Country is a musterer of the minds bringing together passionate innovators, and inspiring future-thinkers with a dose of practical reality.

Sarah Perriam-Lampp is an award-winning rural journalist with a decade of experience across TV, radio, podcast, and print where her pulse of New Zealand's farming sector makes Sarah's Country a valuable mainstay in your podcast library. 

Join over 30,000 listeners monthly who tune in from across the world to gain insights and connections on how to tackle the complexity of farming for the future - together.

Honestly, we only email once a month!

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