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    The last 5 years for New Zealand's largest rural supply co-operative have been disruptive to ensure they are positioned to support their shareholders into the future.

    Newly appointed CEO, Tanya Houghton has a fresh approach to leadership that is being well-received across the board.

    The Economics of Wellbeing

    Did you know that New Zealand farmers in their 40's are having heart attacks?

    It's time to reframe what it means to be a top farmer. 

    Being a Triple-A farmer is assessing, adapting, and adjusting your farm to have a holistic approach to wellbeing.

    From the books to the bed, being successful is having your physical, mental, social, and business wellbeing in order right across the board. 


    Will this be the monumental change to drive up the wool price?

    Many farmers across New Zealand fear the future sheep farming faces is the viability of the business model in the face of trees on hill country.

    The merger of Primary Wool Co-Operative & Wools of New Zealand maybe the ticket to contracting the fragmented industry to provide more value behind the farm gate.


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    Glass half full approach to farming leadership

    Positive community outcomes are what drive Emma Crutchley, a Central Otago sheep & beef farmer who has found herself supporting the diversity of opinion towards environmental progress. 


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