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What does the future look like through the lens of future leaders? I Zanda McDonald Awards Finalists

Updated: Apr 28

Leadership comes in many forms as the world evolves and the farming industry deals with a rapid rate of change.

We can quite often want to break through those glass ceilings before we're possibly ready and it's about managing our own expectations as developing leaders, but also not taking every knockback as a definite setback and finding other pathways,”explains Jenna Smith.

Zanda McDonald Award Patron Shane McManaway also joins the Opinion Maker show to outline about the significance of the award traditionally presented at the trans-tasman Primary Platinum Producer Conference but due to COVID will find the finalists in a special dawn ceremony in Gisborne on Wednesday 28 April where they will embark on a fantastic leadership experience.

Find a group of people who want to have those conversations with you, who are interested, who pushed you that little bit outside of your comfort zone to challenge yourself, to sort of strive higher and introduce you to other people and build that network,” advises Becks Smith.

The finalists include:

  • Genevieve Steven, 26, a Farm Enterprise Consultant at KPMG in Ashburton

  • Becks Smith, 33, Director of The Whole Story and Veterinarian at VetEnt in Ranfurly

  • Jenna Smith, 34, Chief Executive, Pouarua Farms on Hauraki Plains

  • Sam Vivian-Greer, 31, Farm Consultant, Baker Ag in Masterton

For more information about the Zanda McDonald Award, visit: www.zandamcdonaldaward.com

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