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Upcycling food | Francesca Goodman-Smith & Prof. Miranda Mirosa

Updated: Apr 28

There are some big challenges in farming food and the amount wasted in the supply chain, whilst being a sensitive issue is now one to address the environmental impact and food insecurity issues that arise as well.

Associate Professor Miranda Mirosa from Otago University has been the author of what is now known as ‘The Mirosa Report’ advising the NZ government on what is needed to not only fix, but first find out how big and where the problem lies.

Francesca Goodman-Smith is the Waste Minimisation Manager at Foodstuffs NZ and in her role reducing food waste from New World & PAK’n SAVE supermarkets she outlines where we should be focusing our action & initiatives.

Read the Mirosa Report, the briefing to investigate food waste in New Zealand to the Parliamentary Environment Committee

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