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Biodiversity credits to incentive native trees? | Ian Brennan & Sam Mander

Updated: Apr 28

The age old saying ‘you need to be in the black, to be green’ certainly applies to the ability for New Zealand land-owners to bankroll the Climate Change Commission’s target to plant 300,000 hectares by 2035, or is it time for government policy to put a premium biodiversity credit to deter the easy money of carbon farming radiata pine’s?

Trustee of the Tane Tree Trust & Cambridge farmer, Ian Brennan, who’s journey is shared on the new documentary, O Tātou Ngāhere joins The Agribusiness Group’s environmental consultant Sam Mander on the panel to share how established native forest at scale is costly but benefits which accrue from a native forest equate to more than the sum of its trees and it’s time for a biodiversity credit scheme.

To watch the short film, O Tātou Ngāhere : https://pureadvantage.org/o-tatou-ngahere/

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