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How do we reimagine the connection to our land? I Prof. Pablo Gregorini

Updated: May 20

How do we begin to mend human’s connection with the land?

Lincoln University’s Head of the Centre of Excellence: Designing Future Productive Landscapes, Prof. Pablo Gregorini has used his rich network of thinkers from around the world to bring conversations that have been happening in isolation together for Multiscapes virtual event beginning on 31st May 2021.

“Society is trying to reconnect with it’s different calls to the land, so we need to set the table, so to speak, for conversations on how we connect to our food and the land it came from. If the land is healthy, we are healthy - how agriculture & wildscapes interact starts from our mind scapes to the policy scapes that lay out our future,” explains Pablo.

In the first of the Thought Maker series leading into the 6 consecutive online workshops, Pablo discussed with Sarah :

  • How the conversations about our linkage to the land are broken and it’s time to reimagine our land that will help us reconnect.

  • They started with the concept of Grazing in Multiscapes where we eat (‘foodscapes’), where we go for our remedies (‘healthscapes’) and where we make our money is all from the same land also grazed by animals (‘landscapes’) and create health & prosperity for people & planet from the ground up.

  • We can no longer have reconnecting with the land a romantic notion, its time to discuss the how rather than the isolated attempts by policy makers and activists.

For more information about Multiscapes international workshop beginning 31st May, visit http://multiscapes.co.nz/

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