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Farming regeneratively & profitably | Russell Heald

Updated: Apr 28

Russell and Charlotte Heald have been on a journey for the last 4 years converting their farm to regenerative and now organic which has led to a wide range of positive change from staff, soil & animal health whilst remaining profitable.

As a case study for Calm the Farm, an organisation that supports NZ farmers to change to farming with a regenerative mindset, Russell explains how having pasture diversity is what is enabling them to have more pasture growth and create more resilience in dryer months.

Other benefits include milking once a day, reducing vet bills by 60% and having extra time for their family.

“It’s all about our environment, starting with our water, soils, animals and our people. That was something that we had a big focus on and for us, it's about reducing stress throughout that whole environment.”

More info at https://www.calmthefarm.nz/case-study-1?utm_source=Calm+The+Farm&utm_campaign=8644423bdf-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_06_16_04_28_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_834440a6fd-8644423bdf-382268496

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