How do we turn compliance into value with trust & transparency?

It goes without saying when you are in a relationship, the ultimate glue to the longevity of that relationship is trust.

New Zealand is a trading nation exporting 95% of our products and is the largest industry geographically so there are multiple relationships to keep the trust to the highest possible level to continue to exist.

As a major player in food export, traceability should be an increasing focus in New Zealand, says Maury Leyland Penno, Chair of Trust Codes

In this week's Opinion Maker series, Sarah dives into the world of technology that has the potential to digitally connect with all farms in New Zealand, ultimately returning more value to food & fibre produced to high standards.

Alongside that, there is fatigue on-farm and across the supply chain in ticking boxes for compliance barriers, duplication is strangling innovation, and siloed powerhouses of data have refused to allow farmers' data to talk to other devices.

Sarah Perriam talks across the primary sector to unearth the progress being made to answer the looming question "How do we turn compliance into value with trust & transparency?"



This episode features :

  • Maury Leyland Penno, Chair of Trust Codes and former Fonterra executive who handled the crisis management of the botulism scare in infant formula.

  • Greg McSkimming, in his role with the newly incorporated NZ Farm Assurance Plan body that his company, Silver Fern Farms works alongside dozens of other red meat & wool companies to bring a cohesive single assurance to consumers of on-farm practices.

  • Brent Paterson, founder of My Enviro and Hawke's Bay farmer and agri-business professional on the launch of his digital farm environment plan that will simplify information required by regulators.

  • Jefferson Harcourt, founder of Eco Detection, a real-time automated water quality monitoring tool.

  • Semaine Cato, co-founder of Trust Alliance NZ, with Chris Claridge where she works in the blockchain with her company Trackback to validate the data across the supply chain.


Click here to watch the presentation about the Trust Alliance NZ from the 2021 Primary Industries Summit


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