The Economics of Wellbeing - Re-balancing the farm across the board

Did you know that New Zealand farmers in their 40's are having heart attacks?

It's time to reframe what it means to be a top farmer. It's not about what people think of you as the stress unbalances the economics of your farm and life.

Being a Triple-A farmer is assessing, adapting, and adjusting your farm to have a holistic approach to wellbeing. From the books to the bed, being successful is having your physical, mental, social, and business wellbeing in order right across the board. 



In this week's Opinion Maker, Sarah discusses the fundamentals of having a balanced life as every aspect is interconnected. Physical pain creates fatigue which leads to poor mental performance and ultimately business performance.

Throughout this episode, Sarah talks to others involved in a unique new program, FarmFlex, from a rural accountant, personal trainer, environmental consultant, insurance advisors.

In this episode, we learn about great tips and advice from:

- Elle Perriam, founder of Will to Live NZ Charitable Trust, supports farmers with free private phycologists and what she's discovered about the fundamentals of stress.

- Erica Van Reenan, managing director AgFirst Manawatu, in how she's learned that to achieve good environmental and business outcomes people are at the heart of decision making.

- Rahui Corbett, partner at rural accountancy, Morrison Creed on how to cashflow forecast in uncertain times.

- Matt Wells, wellness coach at The Rec Room, hits home the importance of physical health on overall performance and reducing fatigue from niggly injuries.

- Pierre Schroeder, the principal adviser at Thrive, highlights the value of human resources in your farming operation and how putting yourself & people first can save you money.


For more information about FarmFlex launching on 5th November 2021, visit or contact the team at Thrive.


Thank you so much to our mates at Farmlands for supporting us this season!

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