Met the woman at MfE tasked with implementing regulation to farmers I Sara Clarke

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Curious about how 'those bureaucrats in Wellington' think? Sarah Perriam, host of Sarah's Country uncovers the nurturing nature of the woman with one of the hardest jobs in the primary sector right now.
With policy flying out the door at pace from Minister Parker, her team has been elevated within the Ministry for the Environment as they have realized to achieve the outcomes they need to work with farmers and growers on the ground and provide better feedback loops.
Sarah has an in-depth yarn to Sara Clarke, Director - Policy Implementation and Delivery at MfE understand the humanity behind the women tasked with implementing climate and freshwater, the Overseer review, and intensive winter grazing regulations being rolled out and she wants to do this with relationships across the sector to work together to see progress. 

"We need to have all parties in the room leading this change in order to design something that's going to land well and be implementable at the end of the process, potentially to something like emissions pricing, which ultimately will affect 20 to 30 thousand farms across New Zealand," says Sara Clarke.




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