We are the Earth, and the Earth is Us I Prof. Fred Provenza

‘Ko au te whenua. Ko te whenua Ko au: I am the land. The land is me.’ A maori proverb that describes human’s relationship to ecology. The concept of ‘Multiscapes’ demonstrates our need to appreciate life on Earth as a community to which we belong, rather than as a commodity that belongs to us.

“The idea of abundance & sharing & working with one another, I think can create a spirit that moves us at least a little bit away from this fiercely economic kind of world that we live in towards the concept of ecological economics,” explains Prof. Fred Provenza.

In this week’s Thought Maker Sarah discusses with Prof. Fred Provenza about:

  • How we begin to disestablish the ‘food chain’ and humans role moving from the ‘ego-logical’ pyramid with the human at the top to the ‘ecological’ with the human as a member of the Earth’s communities.

  • How to bring plant diversity back into the landscapes and domestic livestock roaming into that landscape to have the interrelationship of humans with natural systems.

  • How the conversation has progressed since Fred retired 12 years ago to more awareness that we are members of nature’s communities and how we design our future landscapes to survive as a species

To read the article, “We are the Earth, and the Earth is us”:

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