Urban professionals seek jobs in food & fibre I Peter Brice, ASB MAGS Farm

Farmers, growers, trucking companies & ag-tech companies all share one thing in common - they are all desperate for people to work in a variety of jobs across the primary sector, so will this Auckland initiative relocate displaced urban Kiwis into careers in food & fibre?

We are so reliant on a migrant workforce that can’t get into the country because of Covid, but one Auckland school with the government is working with displaced urban professionals to fill these roles.

“I think we are still probably geared to the level of immigration we need in our industry and by shutting the gates and relying on what we have, I just don't know that we can get there, but we are trying,” explains Peter Brice.

As a Sarah’s Country’s Change Maker Peter Brice, Farm Manager at the ASB Mt Albert Grammar School explains:

  • The Landed initiative connects displaced urban professionals Covid with a career in the food & fibre sector with a two-day immersion workshop.

  • Industry representation from the likes of Gallagher, Sanford, Zespri and Fonterra presented many opportunities.

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