Twin sisters mission to connect soil & human health I Katie & Sarah Vickers


Chronic disease globally is linked to gut microbiome, so what if the food New Zealand produces could be sold at a premium if we move towards farming for nutrient density rather than per kilo of product?

Katie & Sarah Vickers have careers that are built around the same interest just in different industries.
“The microbiome is so important to human, animal and soil health, so let’s reward forward thinking farmers for producing nutrient-dense food,” explains the Vicker sisters.

Our Sarah’s Country Sister this week are actually sisters, twin sisters in fact!


Sarah Perriam discusses with Katie and Sarah Vickers:

  • Their farming upbringing with an alternative view of soil health from their farming father growing up in Marlborough after emigrating from the UK.

  • Functional food is a growth area for both industries, as Katie explains, even more so now since she did her Kellogg’s in nutrient-dense food as a market opportunity for New Zealand farmers.

  • As a registered nurse, Sarah has seen first-hand how today's stressful lifestyles can lead to poor health outcomes and can’t understand how we have lost touch from our ancestral knowledge.

  • Katie explains the disruptive technology coming at farming food with consumers armed with spectrometers to select food based on its nutrient density and our need to get ahead of the curve.

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