A win-win tool that helps you predict the economics of environmental changes?

Is it possible to be profitable & an outstanding environmental steward? This tool can maintain profitability whilst suggesting changes.

In this episode we uncover an economic-meets-environmental modelling tool designed by former Massey University agricultural analyst Barrie Ridler known as E2M that New Zealand’s largest farm, Pamu, are using.

The E2M model may help predict the outcome of easily amending nutrient inputs & emission outputs without having to then make educated guesses on what these changes will mean for your farm management and profitability.

In this week’s Sarah’s Country’s Opinion Maker features our panel:

  • Barrie Ridler, founder of E2M model & agricultural analyst at Grazing Systems

  • Tom Kay, Regional Conservation Manager, Forest & Bird

  • Matt Johnson, Senior Business Manager, Pamu Farms of New Zealand

To contact Barrie Riddler:

For information on the E2M Model farm case studies with NZ Landcare Trust:

“Demonstration dairy farm cuts nitrate leaching 30 percent and stays profitable”

To download the E2M Technical Forward:

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