The Good Oil: Rapeseed, Sunflowers & soybeans I Nick Murney

A failed Solid Energy move into biodiesel was a win for rapeseed oil and led to a humble decade of growth capitalising on the New Zealand brand exporting high-quality, environmentally friendly oil as a food ingredient.

Nick Murney, Managing Director of Pure Oil NZ joined Sarah to share the story of his management buy-out and how they have used the capital investment and passionate suppliers to branch out into NZ grown sunflowers and soybean.

“Sunflowers are now established as a solid cropping option for the future of arable”

Known for their retail brand, The Good Oil, it only makes up 5% of their 500 hectares that Pure Oil contracts Canterbury growers to provide.

As our Change Maker this week, Pure Oil’s managing director Nick Murney joins Sarah to discuss :

  • How his team aligns closely with their business values of change and innovation which has lead to solid growth when developing new products & markets

  • Sunflowers require low chemical application and low-water requirements making them appealing to consumers but also to growers with a short 120 day rotation.

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