Tell the whole story, they will appreciate the honesty I Dion & Ali Kilmister, Homegrown Butchery

From a shepherd who once sketched his dream, Dion Kilmister took on his first lease farm in the Wairarapa with a  $30k overdraft growing today to a $20 million farming operation and winning the 2018 Wairarapa Farm Business of the Year.

“Our business ethos is don’t get into a business model where I can’t do any job myself. If we have a management failure I can jump right in. All farms I’ve ran myself so I know them already,” explains Dion Kilmister.

As one of this week’s Sarah’s Country’s Change Maker we uncover Dion & Ali Kilmister journey and advice for success:

  • Identified as an adventurer and a navigator, together the couple are always thinking about the next move to stay one step ahead to have a ‘clean’ farming operation for the consumer.

  • Their business is over four farming properties with 12,000 ewes, half going to a Charollais ram, and 700 Black cows going to Speckle Park bull.

  • Dion & Ali provide their advice on farming with family as his brother running one of the operations.

  • Covid really opened them up to a whole new world of online purchasing of meat and people wanting to reconnect with where their food is coming from.

Dion & Ali Kilmister are a keynote speaker at the up-and-coming South Island Dairy Event - 22-23 June 2021.

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