Success comes from confidence not competence I Rachael Lind, Pamu Farms

Successfully winning the Dairy Farm Manager for the Top of the South this shy girl who grew up on a farm isolated in the Marlborough Sounds wants to encourage women to realise that they can be competent but without confidence, they won’t achieve their goals.

“There is no such thing as a glass ceiling for women as long as you keep driving yourself forward to reach those targets,” explains Rachael Lind.

This fortnight’s Sarah’s Country’s Sister is Rachael Lind, Pamu Dairy Farm Manager:

  • Shares her journey from correspondence school to a boarding school of over 1,000 girls that set her up to build on her confidence.

  • Was the youngest on the team and female when she started working in dairy farming and that getting out alongside your colleagues soon gathered respect.

  • Highlights that women bring compassion, empathy and a motherly role to a team and that diversity need to be appreciated in management roles.

  • Explains that on tough days, if you have the support of your team they will help remind you of the good you are contributing towards your animals and environment.

  • Encourages women to enter awards such as the Dairy Industry Awards to reassure yourself of your competence.

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