Stop rushing to just use the funding, it’s a 100yr plan I Marie Taylor, Plant Hawkes Bay

New Zealand land-owners are spending their lifetime replanting native bush that their fore-fathers spent their lifetime cutting down trees.

In this week’s Sarah’s Country’s Sister, Marie Taylor explains here advice how to plant native’s successfully on farm:

  • Started her passion for planting trees with her father in Knapdale in Southland leading to a horticulture degree at Lincoln University before her current business, Plant Hawkes Bay after getting RSI from being a rural journalist.

  • The aspiration & the level of native seedlings needed, how she is gearing up her nursery, but it’s also about building up people’s skillset with planting such as the size of the holes.

  • The best way to find the right species for the right place, you can look around you on what naturally grows and identify pests.

  • How to deal with big rain events and then drought to ensure you are capturing it in a shallow bowl around the plant, water crystals & a fert tablet to have success.

  • How to set up your own native tree nursery.

“When you start you need to have a 100yr view of what you want the landscape to be and then break it down into managing chunks. There is such a rush to plant but you can end up putting the wrong plants in the wrong place if you don’t take the time to see what naturally grows in your area”

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