Sheep farmers surveyed in shift to more sustainable future I Jemma penelope, lincoln university


The early findings of a survey show that New Zealand sheep farmers' are feeling hamstrung to meet the expectations of ‘transitioning to sustainability’ until the information collected and the wider system they operate in can tell the full picture.

The government’s role is to create an environment where businesses can solve problems. If great businesses, and farming is one of New Zealand’s largest businesses, gets out and shows how it’s done, then the policy can be led by that.
pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
Jemma Penelope's experience spans across policy, economics and ecology

Lincoln University Faculty of Agribusiness and Commerce economics researcher and research & development lead at Webtools, Jemma Penelope’s fascinating combined experience in and passion for policy, ecology, commerce and technology pair beautifully to be researching solutions for the New Zealand sheep industry.




As a Change Maker this week in Sarah's Country, Jemma discusses:

  1. Her research survey asks New Zealand sheep farmers what a sustainable future looks like beyond the farm gate which is collecting a range of perspectives.

  2. Farmers can’t be sustainable behind the farm-gate, if the system beyond the farm gate they are operating in doesn’t support change.

  3. Feedback so far from the survey is that farmers feel that the information collected doesn’t reflect the full picture of the positive contribution sheep farming makes to tell the full story.


About Jemma Penelope:


Jemma Penelope is an economics and accounting researcher, currently undertaking her second Master in Commerce and Management. Combining her earlier academic career in biology, conservation and environmental markets with her subsequent commercial experience in accounting and business management today she specialises in sustainability via impact business and social entrepreneurship – where the commerce tools of business, economics and accounting are used to address and solve this generations’ complex and challenging social and environmental issues. She compliments this through her role in political party management, speaking to her interest in the macro-level changes required on national and international levels to bring political and economic solutions to issues of sustainability in business and industry.


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