Rural women putting their health first I Charlotte Heald, Wealth of Health

The ripple effect when women prioritise their own needs and establish boundaries has on the wider family and farming business is profound as this Norsewood farmer found out from a health prognosis that forced her to look at her own life.

“I hear rural women say 'I feel like the dogs body' and that's how I felt. Living on a farm can be an amazing lifestyle but that comes when you recognise your personal boundaries, because you can't take care of everyone if you don't take care of yourself first,” explains Charlotte.

This fortnight’s Sarah’s Country Sister is Charlotte Heald from Wealth of Health who shares:

  • In her career as a rural nurse, Charlotte found her passion for health promotion and then after the diagnosis of an autoimmune disease whilst running a family and farm she trained as a health coach to support rural women with self-care.

  • Boundary setting and recognising what you will and won’t tolerate is the first step. It can be really empowering to say ‘no’ from a place of integrity and respect for yourself.

  • We train those around us how we want to be treated and when we shift the goalposts it can be an adjustment for everyone, but the energy of women with boundaries has huge value for those around them.

  • Her and husband Russell’s journey into regenerative farming and changing their mindset that they are farming with the best practice for them and their land and they learnt to stop comparing themselves with the neighbours.

To get in touch with Charlotte for one-on-one coaching, workshop or speaking at your next event.

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