Predicting eating quality to differentiate our lamb I Dr Cameron Craigie, AgResearch & Clarospec

70% of NZ lamb taste is below where it needs to be from scientific consumer testing, so why aren’t we using this technology to provide vital feedback to farmers?

Farmers have been wanting tangible information from their processors to provide livestock that the consumer wants, yet the system doesn’t have a feedback loop to help produce a better product.

“Farmers are continuously looking at ways of improving what they’re doing in order to produce a better product. So how do we take that goodwill and give them a reward and enable them to be more consumer lead? Well we can now with Clarospec” explains Cameron.

One of this week’s Sarah’s Country’s Change Maker is Dr Cameron Craigie from Clarospec who explains:

  • Peer-reviewed science demonstrated that 70% of NZ lamb was suboptimal from a consumers perspective.

  • The same things underpin good quality meat - tenderness, PH & intramuscular fat but to be the best producers of lamb in the world we need to know why that meat was good

  • Hyperspectral imaging can collect data at the processing plant and leverage the on-farm management practices that contributed to that.

  • With an objective measurement of quality such as taste, the early you measure it the better.

Claropsec recently won the overall prize in the 2021 Food, Fibre and Agritech Supernode challenge, sponsored by ChristchurchNZ.

For information on Clarospec visit,

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