Plain ol OJ turns Superfood at Gisborne orchard I Henry Witters & James Crow, 73' citrus


Second-grade oranges from the award winning sunny groves of Gisborne's Witters family orchard didn’t know they were destined to become a superfood-in-a-can until Chalky’s son, Henry met James 73’ Citrus was born with a strong focus on building loyal fans from the start.

“There is an additional cost to meeting what fans want these days, but if you can do that, you've got lifelong customers and that's really what businesses need,” explains James Crow, co-founder 73’ Citrus.

As a Sarah’s Country Change Maker this week, 73’ Citrus co-founders Henry Witters and James Crow tell the story:

  • How they have paired the health science of a mighty immunity boosting punch with 1000mg of Liposomal Vitamin C with what was a second-grade orange not destined for export.

  • There growth journey of the canned fizzy OJ in such a short time with consumer demand for convenient health tonics on subscription.

  • James has a food marketing background with establishing Little Island Plant Based Creamey and Nice Blocks ice-blocks.

  • There focus on having 99% orange juice with Vit C added as opposed to the bare minimum of 5% required to call it orange juice, even with the extra cost it is apart of their strategy to maintain fans over customers.

  • This is part of the Witter’s succession plan for the next generations and adding value to their raw commodity product will help ensure the financial certainty for their family’s future.


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