Orchards around the world streamlined with NZ agri-tech I Matty Bloomfield

Fruit growers around the world are using a New Zealand agri-tech for growers to know the size & the colour of the fruit to pick and pack and have full traceability of where their fruit came from.

As our Change Maker this week, as a finalist in the NZ High-Tech awards, Hectre chief executive explains to Sarah:

  • How they used comprehensive market research with growers on what they wanted before building the technology.

  • How scale when one company is picking & packing the equivalent to the entire NZ market you need to have a software that is fast and safe to use at that level, compared to NZ orchards.

  • There is an opportunity for faster product development to have dual-hemisphere advantage to test in multiple markets.

“We asked ourselves where the product needed to be to meet the needs of multiple markets, because we were trying to build a global tool. So for advice, go wide and there are a lot of people that have information they will want to share with you,” explains Matty.

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