Modern milkman cuts out middleman with milk factory in a box I Glen Herud, Happy Cow Milk co.

Selling pasteurized milk direct from the farm to the customer has a lot of regulatory barriers around it but people are demanding it and want to celebrate our local food heroes - our farmers.

A new innovative “milk factory in a box” can allow any farmer to sell safe, pasteurised milk to their local community and cafes with a secure payment system and food regulations ticked.

“10 cows would supply 5-6 cafes with the milk they need and a milk refillery station which is equivalent to $14/kg/ms redistributing the wealth to the farmer and the community,” explains Glen Herud, Happy Cow Milk

As one of this week’s Sarah’s Country’s Change Maker's we highlight Glen Herud from Happy Cow Milk Company:

  • They have created a system where farmers attach the mini milk factory to your current milking plant into 100L keg, plug it into the internet and you become a fully compliant milk processor.

  • The farmer gets paid upfront then delivers the milk to a cafe for them to use and sell to customers as a refillery.

  • Customers fill their reusable containers with fresh, local milk and the local farmer keeps your dispenser full and the Happy Cow system takes care of all payments, sending everyone their share of each purchase to your bank account – instantly!

  • Happy Cow Milk Co. recently won at the 2021 ChristchurchNZ Supernode Food, Fibre & AgriTech Challenge

  • You can invest in Happy Cow Milk Co through their crowd-equity funding campaign on PledgeMe

  • Learn how it works here,

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