Live-streamed livestock sales here to stay I Tania Smith, bidr

New Zealand livestock farming was forced to trade livestock online during lockdown which helped the adoption of farmers using ‘bidr’, an online saleyard.

One of this week’s Sarah’s Country’s Change Maker is Tania Smith, GM of bidr who explains:

  • If you can make the life of a farmer easier and bring benefit to the farming business, farmers will adopt.

  • Hybrid live-streaming has become a way of life now moving beyond animal genetic sales and on-farm dispersal sales with the launch of Fielding saleyards streaming this month.

  • Consistency of listings will build momentum as livestock agencies work to understand and find comfort from the traditional business model.

“Farmers will embrace change when you make it easy and it benefits their business. We just need to work on a consistency of listings to build momentum,” explains Tania.

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