Inspiring collaborative community action I Sandra Campbell, Thriving Southland

Government can throw money at problems, but the limited resource in managing water quality is people such as this week’s Change Maker, Sandra Campbell.

You could see the direction of travel was that New Zealand wanted better water quality and the world wanted lower emissions. So how do we get ahead of it and make it an opportunity rather than a big stick?” asks Sandra Campbell.

Sarah discuss how Southland have taken collaborative community action to get ahead of policy with Sandra Campbell, Co-Ordinator, Thriving Southland :

  • How Sandra & her husband started looking into what she describes as the ‘direction of travel’ for environment demands coming at farming and got involved at catchment level to work ‘ahead of policy’.

  • The difficulty in getting some Southland farmers to shift their perception when there is an economic threat to their business, and suggests that people need to come to conclusions themselves.

  • About the work she does with Thriving Southland such as co-ordinating planting day’s with local schools and supporting farmers to build their own plant nursery.

  • Why women are taking more and more ownership in environmental management on-farm and the up and coming events to inspire and empower them.

  • The unique nature of the Thriving Southland funding model dealing directly with MPI on behalf of 27 catchment groups making it easier to get the resources they need.

For information on the events & work Sandra is involved with, visit

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