Helping agriculture spreader pilots stay safer I Gus Hewitt, TracMap

Being an agricultural spreader pilot is one of the most dangerous jobs.

Otago-based ag-tech company TracMap used aviation simulators to build high-tech hazard maps for pilots directly into their existing precision agriculture mapping technology.

Our design thinking process revolves around immersing ourselves in the customer's life. We've even gone as far as getting an aviation & tractor simulator in the office to help the developers to live in that world, to constantly imagine what that's like,” explains Gus Hewitt.

As one of this week’s Change Maker’s, following the launch of the new TML-A Unit we discuss with Gus Hewitt, Head of Sales for TracMap:

  • How they already have a large portion of New Zealand farms mapped so they can now put in hazards to keep any pilot that flies on farms safer.

  • It’s easy to design a shiny app but TracMap immersed themselves in the pilots life with an aviation simulator to understand how there is already so much going on in the cockpit and how navigation needed to be easy from their collective.

  • How the US & New Zealand markets are very different with New Zealand having a higher rate of adoption to new technology applications.

  • How they are collaborating and integrating with other NZ farm applications such as FarmIQ, Hawkeye & MyBallance.

TracMap is a New Zealand based precision farming GPS guidance and job management system for growers in the agriculture, horticulture, viticulture and aviation industries. For more visit,

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