Give farmers hours back in their day and they will adopt I David Stevens, AgResearch

There is technology available already that can automate many of the hundreds of decisions farmers make daily with grazing livestock, but how do we move past the pure fascination to implementation?

One of this week’s Change Maker’s is AgResearch scientist, David Stevens who explains:

  • How it’s so much more than keeping cows out of waterways with virtual fencing, it’s about getting hours back in a farmers day to address more important tasks.

  • If farmers get past the excitement of ag-tech and understand the outcomes for their lifestyle or business performance then those that need the data the most, like scientists and developers, will be able to move forward.

  • Farmers manage huge amounts of complexity on a daily basis and ag-tech is trying to turn it into a machine.

  • Why is it that farmers have to pay and give up their limited amount of ‘summers’ to implement, make the mistakes and build the IP for NZ-based, but foreign owned companies?

“Farmers have thousands of animals having to make hundreds of decisions on a daily basis. If we can help automate those decisions with satellite imagery for feed budgeting and weather forecasts for keeping animals on the ground they should be before a down-pour, that is where the real power is having more precise control”

To read David’s article “Integrating digital technologies to aid grassland productivity & sustainability’, visit,

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