Fragmented industry to capture emerging proteins markets I Amos Palfreyman, Food HQ

Farmers want new crops, but don’t know where to sell them. Food manufacturers want NZ ingredients, but don’t know where to source them.

Launched at the NZ Agri Food Week, Food HQ released the report “Emerging Proteins in Aotearoa New Zealand: What will it take for the sector to thrive?”

“One thing that everyone is quite agreed on is that we don't want to get into a commodity game where it's a race to the bottom where those that can produce the volume with the lowest costs will dominate the market. Or a position that exchanges out one commodity for another. It has to begin with that higher value market, defining key market segments and key international markets and working backwards,” explains Amos Palfreyman.

One of this week’s Sarah’s Country’s Change Maker we break-down the report with Amos Palfreyman, Business Development Manager from Food HQ:

  • The massive market opportunity for plant-based foods is moving at a rapid pace and we can capture the value alongside our meat and milk production, it’s not one or the other.

  • How to de-risk new opportunities and provide observations on how to have an industry led approach to scaling up emerging proteins in New Zealand.

  • It's an isolated and siloed process being one cog in a value chain and it’s a good time to bring people together in the future around where the opportunities may be.

  • Emerging proteins need to align with New Zealand’s vision for producing safe and environmentally sustainable foods, and an opportunity to leverage the interest and respect from the international community around how New Zealand has responded to Covid and drive it right to them rather than sort of trading it through middlemen.

To read “Emerging Proteins in Aotearoa New Zealand: What will it take for the sector to thrive?” visit,

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