Fixing the price of strong wool: What are we missing? I Andy Caughey, Craig Smith & Tom O’Sullivan

It used to be worth $10/kg to farmers in the 80’s, now farmers are throwing it into gullies to dispose of the waste product. The world’s natural and renewable fibre needs a desperate lifeline, but our guests in this week’s Opinion Maker can see the light on the horizon of consumer change & urge farmers to hold on.

In this week’s Sarah’s Country’s Opinion Maker we break down what is going on to fix the price of strong wool where it is now costing farmers to shear in a country that once built its fortune’s from the sheep’s back with:

  • Andy Caughey, CEO, Strong Wool Action Group & Armadillo Merino

  • Tom O’Sullivan, Chair, Campaign for Wool NZ & third-generation sheep farmer

  • Craig Smith, Chair, National Council of Wool Interests & GM, Devold NZ

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