Electric bikes accessible low-hanging fruit to lower farm emissions I Timothy Allan

The numbers of electric farm bikes rounding up cows or traversing hill country are likely to increase in coming months, thanks to funding for greater green vehicle uptake on farms.

Tauranga-based electric motorbike company UBCO has released a subscription or leasing option available to farmers and fleet users of the UBCO bikes helps remove an element of doubt first-time users will have about battery life and quality.

As our Change Maker this week, UBCO chief executive Timothy Allan explains to Sarah:

  • How they are taking the cost of entry out of electric farm bikes and dealing with the life cycle of the batteries for you.

  • Being NZ-based they have been tried heavily by NZ farmers on hill country and have a long range to keep you going all day without recharge.

  • Servicing is availability across the country

If you want to compare it to genetically modified cows to reduce methane emissions, buying an electric vehicle today is infinitely simpler than that decision. You're talking about millions of tonnes of CO2 that can be reduced annually with the right level of adoption,” explains Tim.

To learn more about UBCO Bikes, visit

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