Educating consumers about dairy with a mothers shared values I Belinda Price

Growing up carefree in the Far North on a dairy farm, Belinda Price spent her childhood swimming in rivers and waterfalls unaware of how passionate she would become about both dairy farming and water quality.

The Whanganui sharemilker farms 650 cows at Nukumaru with her husband, where she is responsible for the day-to-day running, calf-rearing and administration.

“For me as a mother, I would love more mothers to come onto our farm and see what we do. My animals and children are nourished here, they are my babies. I love that I can be a mother to so many babies,” explains Belinda.

This fortnight on Sarah’s Country Sisters, Belinda discussed with Sarah:

  • How much dairy farming has changed since she was a child.

  • Her Kellogg’s project on how collaboration of the primary sectors can help educate tomorrow's consumers and how connecting through shared values as both mothers would help.

  • Their bobby calf policy is that whilst on farm they are cared for like every other animal on their farm and invites anyone to come and have a look.

  • Her work with the Environment Leaders Taranaki group sharing the story of their wetland restoration with the local schools participating in the progress.

  • Her recent win as the 2021 Fonterra Dairy Women of the Year.

To read Belinda’s Kellogg report, visit:

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