Dead-ends or Transformation - Redesigning NZ farming to thrive through change with Nuffield Scholars

How do we move from status quo to game-changing innovation-led farming?

How do we deal with the systemic silos across leadership, research and data-management?

And when will we have purpose-driven leadership that is happy to prioritise the people it serves over themselves?

In this week’s Sarah’s Country’s Opinion Maker we break-down the 2021 New Zealand Nuffield Scholars Primary Sector Insight Report with Scholars Shannon Harnett, Daniel Eb & David Eade discussing the five pillars:

  • Incentives

  • Innovation

  • People

  • Silos

  • Leadership

Download the report here...

2021_Nuffield NZ Primary Sector Insights Report_DIGITAL_ISSN 2744-6115
Download PDF • 3.67MB

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