Councils water quality info flawed, real-time monitoring a gamechanger I james muir, riverwatch


From making an award winning documentary they discovered that the method of councils collecting evidence on freshwater quality is flawed.


James Muir developed his real-time water quality innovation, Riverwatch, following his award-wining documentary, River Dog, after watching his father struggle with the neighbours keeping cattle out of the declining Pahaoa River bounding their farm.


“Water is constantly changing so landowners can now have real-time monitoring that meets freshwater regulations rather than monthly council samples”


As one of Sarah’s Country’s Change Makers, James Muir from Riverwatch explains:

  • How three years of research and development have gone into to ensure that it works technically from freshwater science that meet the national environmental monitoring standards and sensors that are accurate.

  • You get alerts to your phone and you visually see on a dashboard water quality changing in real time and can respond where neccssary.

  • Once put into the water, it is user friendly by only needing to check once every 3 months and servicing from their technicians.

  • Tiny IOT sattelitte technology with Swarm means they will be able to get hourly data from sensors outside of cellular coverage.


For information on Riverwatch visit, to watch the documentary


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