Capitalise on health benefits of food for natural health market I Samantha Gray, BioEquitas


Following Covid, consumers like never before are wanting to stay healthy and are searching for ethically produced foods that have quantified health benefits.


New Zealand’s natural products have a huge opportunity to capitalise on this trend, says a leading natural health product consultant.

pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
Samantha Gray, BioEquitas & Natural Health Products NZ
“The real opportunity lies in developing a 'branded ingredient' from New Zealand primary produce that has quantified health benefits? We have a programme that takes the concept right through to commercialisation - everything from evaluating IP through to all of the regulatory hurdles & how to access global markets,” explains Samantha Gray, BioEquitas.

As a Change Maker this week in Sarah’s Country, Samantha Gray explains:

  • BioEquitas works with small start-ups to large global brands on branded ingredients to branded products and she sees the next big opportunity is how to create a branded ingredient from NZ primary produce.

  • Their programme supports right through to commercialisation, everything from evaluating what the IP situation might be like through to all of the regulatory hurdles and possible deals of developing a product that can access global markets.

  • Samantha is on the board of Natural Health NZ and is doing a lot of work on regulatory reform to encourage further innovation.


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