Australian agtech gains traction from transparency I Arianna Sippel, growAG

Agriculture innovation becomes successful when paired with investment to scale.

The Australian’s are not only investing in research at a faster rate of knots than New Zealand but providing transparency about what researchers are working all in one place, growAG.

FieldExplorer pictured at Adelaide University’s Waite Campus. Picture: Naomi Jellicoe

Researchers can collaborate with other researchers. Investors find innovations to commercialise into solutions for farmers. And it provides traction for our government funded research - win-win!” explains Arianna Sippel, Senior Business Manager, growAG.

One of this week’s Sarah’s Country’s Change Maker is Arianna Sippel, Senior Business Manager at growAG who explains:

  • The Australian government sees innovation as the foundation for a sustainable and resilient future for their agricultural businesses.

  • AgriFutures is one of the 15 Research & Development Centres with funding from levy paying farmers and government that works across their National Research Initiatives.

  • In an aim to provide traction for their funded research and extend the solutions beyond the lab to farmers in the paddock they have created growAG showcasing 2,000 innovations transparently presented online.

  • growAG helps researchers to see who else may be working on a similar project to collaborate with partners to validate their project and investors that maybe interested in commercialising.

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