Assurance of remote water tank levels I Jesse Teat, Waterwatch

With less water available in our changing climate, stock water systems are often overlooked so to get farmers off farm can be as simple as giving them assurance that their water tanks are full and water is being delivered to their livestock.

Waterwatch’s technology of farm tank water monitoring it can all be done via an app on your phone.

“One of the key things we know talking to farmers is that they spend a lot of time building their water schemes and they are hesitant to trust them to work so by putting that assurance in their pockets they can leave home,” explains Jesse Teat, Waterwatch

One of this week’s Change Maker’s is Jesse Teat, a Dunedin-based ag-tech entrepreneur discussing:

  • The real dilemma is that 96% of the water taken on farms can be lost from leaking pipes or animals getting into troughs so early leak detection can give farmers hours, even days, of their time back.

  • Growing up on a kiwifruit orchard, Jesse realised from a young age the importance of keeping water infrastructure running at all times.

  • Waterwatch works with regional council water scheme infrastructure as well to enable them to ensure water security.

  • Waterwatch was a 2020 Fieldays Innovation Award winner.

For more information of remote water tank monitoring from your phone

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