Art meets agriculture with the power of light I Daan Roosegaarde, Studio Roosegaarde

Based in the Netherlands, and in partnership with Biolumic, Rabobank & Wageningen University, Daan Roosegaarde took 2 hectares of land and built horizontal precision lighting recipes which improve plant’s growth and resilience winning two international design awards for showcasing how the power of light can improve agriculture beyond a grow house.

“It looks like fireflies in the middle of the night, it really is art meeting science,” explains Daan Roosegaarde.

As one of this week’s Sarah’s Country’s Change Maker we discuss with Daan:

  • He wanted to do both art, science and business at school and looked on how to combine all of his interests and created his own path, but believes the combination of the disciplines help us move out of linear thinking.

  • Working with NZ-based company Biolumic, Daan’s exhibition is more than a field of dancing lights. It's also a platform for light science to grow outdoor crops more sustainably, attract investment in this space to speed up scientific development in this space.

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