The ripple effect of growing people I 2022 Nuffield Scholars with Chris Parsons

We are excited for you to meet the three emerging food and fibre sector leaders who have been awarded the 2022 Nuffield New Zealand Farming Scholarships.

This group comes from the most diverse range of backgrounds we have seen in recent times and each of the scholars brings talent, passion, perspective, and a track record of performance. 

Covid 19 restrictions mean this year’s scholarship recipients’ formal awards ceremony at Parliament, will be delayed until February 2022, when Minister O’Connor will award the scholarships in person.



In this episode, you will meet the 2022 Nuffield New Zealand Farming Scholarship recipients along with the CEO for the New Zealand Rural Leadership Trust (NZRLT), Chris Parsons as this week's Change Makers.

Parmindar Singh, a Waikato based Dairy Farm Manager, Company Director, and recent master’s graduate.  

Anthony Taueki, a horticulturalist from Hawke’s Bay, Tū Te Wana Kaiako at Fruition Horticulture, and a Councillor for the Youth Food and Fibre Network.  

Completing the trio is Wellington-based Lucie Douma, Principal Adviser for the Ministry for Primary Industries. Lucie is a master’s graduate from Oxford’s Mansfield College and
from a Southland farming background along with CEO of Rural Leaders, Chris Parsons.

For more on the 2022 Value Chain Innovation Programme:

Rural Leaders have made the decision to shift the Value Chain Innovation Programme date from Mid-January to May next year.

Click here for more information & how to apply

For more on the 2022 Nuffield Scholars is their bios:

Anthony Taueki.

Kaiako for Tu te wana & regional coordinator for Fruition.

Anthony Taueki was brought up in the suburb of Maraenui Napier. He believes whanau, education & support networks played a big part in his success in the industry & his ability to achieve homeownership at the age of 26. 

He comes from a horticultural background & has been a part of the horticultural industry for over 12 years. Starting as a packhouse seasonal worker. He transitioned out to the orchard, gained permanent placement, succeeded in educational achievements & grew into orchard management.

Anthony has served as an executive member of the HBFA, chairman of the HBYO. Currently serves as a board member for Tu Tangata Maraenui, board member of Henry Hill school (2021 winners of the Prime Minister award excellence in wellbeing education). Council member of the Food & Fibre Youth Network & Council, & a panellist for the community panel for covid19 response for the Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet.


Throughout his time he began to follow his passion, to develop our people for sustainable employment opportunities within our industry & sub-industries. He has created and implemented multiple initiatives in partnership with iwi, local council, industry, services & community for the prosperity & longevity of all our people. He believes a collaborative approach to addressing the educational pathways into primary industries & sectors, will create change in how we attract, retain & market to new & existing career seekers present & future.


Which has led him to his current position as Kaiako for Tu te wana and regional coordinator for the Hawkes Bay region with Fruition Horticulture (Bop)

He is very proud to say he is a Kaiako for the horticultural industry, Voice for the youth across the pan sector & a leader for his people.


Lucie Douma.

Farming background in Southland now working for the Ministry for Primary Industries, Lucie Douma from Wellington.

Lucie Douma sees a lot of potential in New Zealand’s food and fibre sectors as throughout COVID it is our primary sectors that have protected much of New Zealand’s economy.
There are a number of demands on New Zealand’s primary sectors to do more in farm planning, water quality, and climate change. Lucie believes this creates an opportunity for farmers and growers to have tools and systems on hand that enable them to make good decisions.

Growing up on a dairy farm in Southland (recently transitioned to beef) Lucie knows first-hand the complexity of farming decisions and the number of variables that are considered. Lucie has worked in consulting and government to better understand our food and fibre sectors as a whole. Lucie lives in Wellington and recently bought a 10Ha block of land in Upper Hutt where she is building a house.

In both her undergraduate and postgraduate studies Lucie looked at human-wildlife conflict which led her to study grey wolves and the impact they had on farming around Yellowstone National Park (USA), and shark management strategies in Hawaii. Lucie holds a Master’s of Science from the University of Oxford and was a top rower at her college.

As a Nuffield scholar, Lucie wants to understand how farm data is managed internationally and understand what lessons New Zealand can learn, and what actions can be taken to ensure our farmers and growers can make better farming decisions.

“Farmers and growers sit on a wealth of data for their farms and if they can access and manage this in one place, this will help them make better farming decisions. In turn this can help manage water quality, climate change, and other requirements. I believe we need to empower our farmers and growers to enable them to make good decisions”.


Outside of the office, Lucie enjoys traveling and mountaineering, she has spent a month hiking and climbing in Nepal, and recently summited Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Lucie has also taken up trail running and regularly takes part in trail runs around New Zealand. 


Parmindar Singh.

Dairy Farmer, Director, Student.


Parmindar Singh is a fourth generation New Zealander, born and raised on her family’s dairy farm in the Waikato. Parmindar’s Grandfather and Father invested in their first dairy farm in Warkworth, before moving to the Waikato where their family has resided since the early 1960s.

Parmindar’s true experience of managing a farming business transpired when she worked alongside her father managing a 230-cow herd.  Parmindar and her husband have continued to build their knowledge of grassroots dairy farming and are proud to be part of a family of passionate dairy farmers.

While working in the farming business, Parmindar engaged in off-farm work.  Parmindar’s diverse sector experience includes; Education, Commercial, Local Government and Not for Profit industry sectors.


Parmindar spent ten years in a Lecturing role with Wintec and later worked with organisations to design, develop and lead organisational strategies, to drive high performing and engaged cultures.  Parmindar also contributes to a range of Governance Boards through Trustee and Directorship roles.

During 2020, Parmindar engaged in further personal development and enrolled in a Master’s Programme at the University of Waikato, majoring in Agri-Business.  Parmindar’s Dissertation focusses on exploring trade and market opportunities for New Zealand Dairy. New Zealand is a significant exporter of food and fibre products, and Parmindar believes understanding key factors and considerations for future market opportunities is critical for New Zealand’s Primary industries.

As a Nuffield Scholar, Parmindar is excited to continue to explore the future market opportunities for New Zealand’s Primary Industries. The Nuffield scholarship will enable Parmindar to continue her studies beyond her Masters qualification and contribute valuable research to the New Zealand Primary sector.  ‘As a proud intergenerational Dairy Farmer, my goal is to identify the shift that is occurring globally and identify future trade and market opportunities for NZ Farmers’.  

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