Lifecycle analysis is fairer than just GHG emissions I Craig Anderson

Cherry-picking facts and non or discounted 'accounting' is happening everywhere across the conversation of climate change and food production. 

One New Zealand scientist wants the narrative to include the full energy analysis of our food production which doesn't look good for plant-based proteins or vertical farming.



Craig Anderson's webinar "Is energy the Achilles heel of agriculture" has caught many people's attention and highlighted the opportunity to focus on the full life cycle analysis, instead of just greenhouse gas emissions.



As this week's Change Maker, Sarah learns more about the observations Craig is making when we shift our thinking to the energy or calorie profile of food.

"The green revolution of agriculture has seen more energy/per kg used to produce 1kg of calories. Whilst we can all make reductions on farm, lot of that is coming from the process after the farm-gate. New Zealand has an opportunity to reframe the story," explains Craig.

More resources as explained in the podcast:

- Craig's presentation - watch here
- Craig's latest opinion piece on Newsroom 'The energy dilemma of eating' - read here 

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