Could our homegrown cannabis genetics capture a slice of the billion dollar medicinal market? I Greenlab

Whatever your thoughts or knowledge are about cannabis, the New Zealand government believes in the future of establishing evidence-based medical cannabis cultivation practices with the awarding of funds to Lincoln University-based, Greenlab.

They aim to generate standard cultivation protocols for a range of New Zealand genetics with the optimized pharmaceutical compounds required by doctors and needed by patients to improve their quality of life.


Dr. Rupinder Brar & Dr. Parmjit Randhawa, co-founders of Greenlab join Sarah as this week's Change Maker to explain how the unique research could position New Zealand as the market leader in herbal medicine as the pharmaceutical industry is running out of options for healthcare.

Whilst New Zealand farmers and growers won't necessarily be able to capture a slice of the green pie on the ground, there are some excellent messages in the global trend for nutraceuticals - let food be thy medicine - and our agronomic knowledge to apply that.

Thanks to our mates at Farmlands Co-Operative for partnering with Sarah's Country this season.

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