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    Lifecycle analysis is fairer than just GHG emissions

    Cherry-picking facts or discounted 'accounting' is happening everywhere across the conversation of climate change and food production. 

    Craig Anderson, a scientist at Plant & Food Research wants the narrative to include the full energy analysis of our food production which doesn't look good for plant-based proteins or vertical farming.

    Defining regenerative

    What has been polarising the New Zealand farming community for some time is a word!

    So why do we care so much about it?

    Following the recent Beef + Lamb NZ Regenerative Agriculture Market study, Sarah discusses the opportunities and challenges with Mike Lee (Alpha Food Lab), Steve Smith (NZ Winegrowers), and Nick Beeby (Beef + Lamb NZ).


    what's NZ's food story?

    Our food storytellers are set to lead the next generation of New Zealand's identity as a proud food-producing nation.

    But Angela Clifford, Eat NZ says there is no time to rest on our laurels and we must come together around our proposed national food strategy.


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    Met the woman at MfE tasked with implementing regulation to farmers

    Curious about how 'those bureaucrats in Wellington' think? Sarah uncovers the nurturing nature of Sara Clarke who has one of the hardest jobs in the primary sector right now.


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